"Dance is a way of life."

Hi, I'm Konstantina.

I grew up in a very artistic environment. Music and theater were members of the family. I started dancing when I was ten and since then I’ve never stopped.

In 2013 I graduated first of the year from the Greek National Opera Dance School. Since then I have devoted my everyday life to spreading the knowledge and experience that I gained throughout my years of dancing on and off the stage. 

I currently live in Geneva where I teach dance.

Dance is a way of life for me. 

My belief is that everyone in life should be able to find their natural path. But first we need to connect with ourselves, and dance helps us do that. My aim is to teach others, through dance, how to love themselves and develop their motor, spatial and social skills.



Love your workout!



Whether you are a beginner or an already advanced dancer we will work that
body. With her backround at the Greek National Opera Konstantina will give you the training you need to take you to the next level. Classes available for adults and children 4 years and up.


Let Konstantina take you through the journey of jazz. From African moves, to West side story, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, to today's techniques, you will enjoy doing moves you've always dreamed of!


Grease, Fame, A Chorus Line - if you are a fan of musicals and dance movies
this is the class for you!



You can choose a music genre or even a famous choreography you love and Konstantina will guide you to reproduce moves that are guaranteed to impress. Great fun and a great workout!


Are you tired of the gym? How about trying something new? I customize your workout - at your home or in a studio. You can no longer claim that you do not have time to take care of yourself.


Did you just give birth to a beautiful baby and want to get back in to shape? I will
come to your home and guide you through a work out while your baby is comfortably lying next to you. Easy, efficient and without the stress of having to leave your little one while you go to the gym.


"Come and learn to express yourself through your body, move in a different way and workout both your mind and your limbs with the ray of sunshine that is Konstantina.

For the already converted dance lover or just the curious passer-by, her classes will awaken your senses and push you to your best self. She offers a wide range of dances, always centered on you and your needs."

Annie, Konstantina's student



Get in touch to book a no-obligation trial class to find out more about learning with me.

Geneva, Switzerland




Geneva, Switzerland

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